Why Quala

It’s time to level up your customer success team.

Scaling companies trust Quala
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Higher-Value Work

Keep customer success managers focused on leading indicators of success with our quantitative and qualitative data streams. Then, build segmentation and workflows keep everyone in check.

Enable Higher Value Work with Quala

Set Leading Indicators

Focus on only the most important quantitative and qualitative data sets.


Build Segments

Group customers by any criteria to create trackable cohorts.

Automate Workflows

Create workflows, generate tasks, and track activities at scale.

Powerful Customer Insights

Generate a richer, more actionable health score by leveraging the expert opinions of each and every customer success manager with our human-first qualitative assessments. 

Amplify the Voice of CMS with Quala

Customize Assessments

Select key questions for Customer Success Managers to answer.

Normalize CSM Sentiment

Set ratings to standardize the qualitative insights coming from CSMs.

Operationalize Health

Watch changes in health and create workflows to automate insights.

Simplicity and Efficiency

With a few clicks you can easily identify growth opportunities based on key trackable behaviors to arm customer success managers with action.

Set Key Behaviors

You decide which leading indicators to highlight to keep CSMs proactive.

Build Team Workflows

Insights are great, but operationalized workflows help teams scale better.

Track Opportunities

Use Quala to track, flag, and task CSMs with customers poised to upgrade.

Quala Is For Everyone

CS Executives
Customer Success Managers
Admin and Ops Leaders

Need to Integrate?

It’s pretty simple. Connect just about anything to Quala and automate your data to focus on higher value work.